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Scot with one "T" is my name.  Due to Job opportunities and warmer climate I moved to Houston Texas 20+ Years ago.  In 1995 I got into the Porsche scene.  Started buying and restoring all types of Porsche cars.  To this day, I still drive and maintain my Porsche's. They are my car of choice.  Restoring old things to their original condition is something I enjoy. 


Approximately two years ago I was surfing the Web.  Found an organization called AHRMA  (American Historical Motorcycle Association).  The aforementioned association specializes in preserving the heritage of Vintage Dirt Bike Racing.  Viewing the Old Motocross Bike Racing and Restorations caught my attention.  The types of Motocross Bikes I grew up around in Kentucky were currently being restored and raced.  After researching AHRMA and EVO, I was hooked.


I hadn't ridden a Dirt Bike in approximately 30 years.  However Sky Diving and the Gym are current Hobbies of mine.  My favorite Dirt Bike of the 70's was the Montesa.  As you can see from my Web Page, I started buying, riding and restoring Montesa Dirt Bikes. The first Montesa I bought and restored was a V-75.  Found it in Warren Texas.  Today, it sits in a Spanish Museum.  At the age of 46, I can afford to buy and ride them.  Growing up as a youngster in the 70's, money was not always available to buy and maintain a Dirt Bike.  Just having the money to visit the races and watch from the stands was a stretch.  However, my brother Chris was a very successful 70's Motocrosser.  He had a room full of trophies to show for his efforts.  He has passed the torch to his daughter who currently races Modern Motocross Bikes.


Today, I enjoy restoring and riding Vintage Dirt Bikes of all types.  Turning something old into something new is truly a passion for me.       

           My niece, Sara
Summer of 2006


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