1975 Bultaco Pursang 135 restoration parts list

Engine Strong, Frame and Engine Numbers Match










1. New Excel Rims 12. NOS Fork Caps 23. NOS Carburetor Slide 34. NOS Rear Axle, nuts and spacer 45. NOS Clutch Plug and Gasket
2. New Spokes 13. NOS Kill Switch 24. NOS Carburetor Slide Cap 35. NOS Chain Adjusters 46. Freshly Painted Tank and Side Panels
3. New Tires 14. NOS Levers 25. NOS Bultaco Crossbar Pad 36. NOS Seat Cover 47. Tank: No gas introduced since sealed
4. NOS Front Wheel 15. NOS Lever Covers 26. NOS Air Intake Boot 37. NOS Rear Fender 48. New Fuel Hoses
5. NOS Fork Wipers 16. NOS Throttle 27. NOS Intake Rubber 38. NOS Decals and Tank Badge Set 49. New "Cirle F" Pipe  Original Pipe sold with Bike
6. New Fork Seals 17. NOS Bultaco Grips 28. NOS Preston Petty Fork Protectors 39. Reworked Shocks 50. Polished all Aluminum
7. NOS Front Fender Bracket 18. NOS Kickstarter Arm 29. NOS Air Filter 40. NOS Rear Brake Adjustment Nut 51.  All New Metric Nuts and Bolts
8. NOS Front Fender 19. NOS Bultaco Kickstart Rubber 30. NOS Air Filter Triangle Bracket 41. Rear NOS Exhaust Pipe Support Bracket 52. New Front and Back Tubes
9. NOS Front Cable Guide 20. NOS Bultaco Shift Rubber 31. Restored Front and Back Hubs 42. Reworked Foot Pegs 53, New Front and Back Rim Locks
10. NOS Front Number Plate 21. NOS Bultaco Tripple Clamp Yoke Rubber For Vent Hose 32. NOS Exhaust Gasket 43. Reworked Brake Pedal 54. NOS Spark Plug Cap
11. NOS Handle Bars 22. NOS Gas Cap 33. NOS Exhaust Flange 44. NOS Engine Plugs 55. NOS Brake Return Spring







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